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Presented in Real-Time 1:1 with Founder- General economic theory - IHHRM G23.0 for Intenational Leadership and Working professionals, success.

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What is Mentoring of Leaderships and Start up G23.0?

Mentoring of Leaderships and Start up G23.0 is an online learning division of EAS Vietnam Education. Mentoring of Leaderships and Start up G23.0 short writing MLS G23.0 online learning which different with MLS courses (International Management of Leadership Skills G23.0)

Mentoring of Leaderships and Start up G23.0 provides an education closely linked with leaderships and start up so that you walk away with up-to-date skills and abilities ready to thrive from the get-go.

You choose MLS because you no need come to school to study leaderships or start up from your home. We provides courses and give it to your home with the highest update standard IHHRM G23.0.

You can learn face to face with our instructor who is father of General Economic theory and also founder of International Higher Human Resources standard EAS IHHRM G23.0.

You’ll Walk Away With

1. A revolution programme and innovation designed for a real – world of Global business. From easy to competitive business.

2. Meaningful connections and deep, shared understanding with Real – Time 1:1 Lessons from case study to global Issue.

3. International Higher Human Resources certificate from EAS – IHHRM – G23.0.

Chancellor, Instructor

Mr. Bui Phuong Viet Anh, MA in MTESOL Graduated from Victoria University, Australia. The father of General Economic theory & The founder of IHHRM G23.0 in the world. The best Practice & Innovation Administrator, the best Instructor in English and Soft skills teaching in Vietnam