Our Strategies

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We will not lie, cheat or tolerate those who do; be innovative in thinking and doing; not betray the values and missions of EAS Vietnam


EAS Vietnam are trained the higher global leadership, research and higher Human Resource for Vietnam and the World with global EAS IHHRM G23.0 standard. For a Vietnam development as equal as other countries and academic equality. Vision EAS Vietnam IHHR Institute is your "institute of opportunity and success" with global EAS IHHRM G23.0 standard. Our aim is to be a great International Higher Human Resource Institute of the 21st century.

We will provide exceptional value to our students, guiding them to succeed through personalised, flexible, higher leadership and Administration relevant learning opportunities. In the 21st century it is almost impossible to be a successful participant in the global knowledge economy or society without a tertiary education. A great institute in the 21st century needs to provide an offer to students that emphasises and values diversity and inclusivity. EAS Vietnam will become a friend that everyone wants to go with to the future.


The values that EAS Vietnam followed:

  • Creation
  • Connection
  • Passion
  • Super Level
  • Communities make a difference

EAS Vietnam applies these values under conditions of Vietnam and global integration.