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Global CEO of Educational Organization (GEO)
VPHS 69867

Global CEO of Educational Organization (GEO)

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The Postgraduate Diploma Program in Global CEO of Education Organization (GEO) course is designed for persons who are seeking to be CEO, President, Expert, Higher Manager, Board of Directors, Director, Supply chain or even International Higher Human Resource Management in Global Leadership and Administration.

Study a one - year specialized diploma with more focused on:

  • Strategies and innovation thinking competency with Global standard IHHRM G23.0 
  • 13 Behavioral Competencies
  • 1 Technical Competency​

The course will develop a range of Economic & Leaderships G23.0 knowledge and skills for professional career in:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Expert
  • Director
  • Deputy Director
  • High Manager
  • High HR Manager
  • High Head of Office
  • Higher Teacher​


Study with EAS Vietnam IHHR Institute will help you step up as “West Point in Vietnam” with 7 key benefits:

  • World class curriculum & teaching by father of General Economic Theory
  • Learning and working on real world projects
  • Get in the best, more effectives with a Global Business Education on your resume
  • Invitation to our EASers Alumni events globally including career panels, forums, and government interactions
  • Professional pathways through our enriched Leaderships and EAS IHHRM G23.0 standard
  • Learn while you earn
  • Understand how to run your career & personal brand


  • Course name:

    Global CEO of Educational Organization (GEO)

    Course code:

    VPHS 69867


    Every months


    40 - 150 credits


    Twice a week



    70% - 100%
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(+84) 24 6656 9157

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