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EAS Vietnam Divisions and Schools offer courses, in higher leadership, higher HR, higher education and postgraduate studies.
Each Division or School focuses on a specific discipline area:
- Higher Leadership & Administration.
- Higher HR.
- Higher Education.
- Bussiness.
- Tourism & Hospitality.
- Special Administration Officer.
Each Division or School has Mentor to help with course – specific student enquiries.

12 Divisions & Schools:
- International Postgraduate Leadership & Administration School (IPS).
- Project of Education Innovation (PEI).
- International Chief Excutive Officer School G23.0 (CEO).
- International Higher Human Resource Administration G23.0 (IHRM).
- EAS Vietnam International Commando Division G23.0 (ICD).
- International Bussiness Administration School G23.0 (CBA).
- International Marketing Management School G23.0 (IMM).
- International Hospitality and Tourism (IHT).
- International Leadership Assistant School G23.0 (ILA).
- International Mentoring Higher Leadership Insitute (IML).
- International University Outreach (IUO).
- Training and Futher Education of EAS Vietnam (TAFE).