Global Leaders Studies G23.0

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Integration and globalization as a roaring vehicle rushed to without stopping. Fierce competition happens both outside and we can even lose right on the "home markets". Therefore, the # 1 mission of the Leader is to lead the organization and its team to build global adaptive capacity.

In order to help the leaders carry out their mission, EAS Vietnam has built a GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS G23.0 (GLS).

The Vietnam-specific GLS G23.0 program built exclusively on the principles of the Global General Economic theory and Global EAS IHHRM G23.0 standard. It will be the answer to the challenge of the times in Vietnam and other countries on the path of global integration and development. GLS is especially for individuals and organizations who are looking to improve their leadership and build a global level to compete and develop sustainably.


This is a special EAS Vietnam scholarship program for international and Vietnamese citizens. The GLS Program aims to discover, train and develop Global Leadership capabilities for Leaders and Candidates who dream of becoming a Global Leader. The program (GLS) consists of 2 groups: Global Leadership G23.0 (GLP) and Global Young Leadership (YLP) and at 2 levels: GLS at global level and GLS at regional level with 3 groups of synchronous solutions:

Global Leaders G23.0

Global class Organization G23.0

Global Innovation Strategy G23.0



Mô hình đào tạo Lãnh đạ toàn cầu G23.0 của EAS Việt Nam



With our competence, EAS Vietnam is confident to provide and successfully train both groups of participants in the GLS training program, including:

A. Learners have leadership experience: Group of learners are Investors, CEOs, Organizational Leaders, Presidents, BOD Council or Management Board, members of the Board of Directors, Board of Directors.

B. Inexperienced learners: Those who wish to become Leaders, or begin to be Leaders, or candidates for International Leadership positions





Online training

Case-study model training of learners to ensure the best time, place, study format and content according to learners' requirements.

Face to Face in house

Case-study training with global EAS IHHRM G23.0 standard. With the schedule agreed upon between the learner and the lecturer at EAS Vietnam campuses.

Integrated training

Trainings combine Offline and Online. Combining training with system and strategy consulting helps increase the capital of the organization's ecosystem. Also control all situations.

Case-study in house

Case-study model training of learners to ensure the best time, place, study format and content according to learners' requirements.

EAS Vietnam is the first and only organization in Vietnam to offer scholarships to foreigners like me. The Admistration platform here is really different and class!.

Leia Eugenia Moises Bambo, Lecture in Mozambique - YLP K4

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