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Research Background

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EAS Vietnam builds a practical research platform and empirical practice through the Global Economic Theory and global IHHRM G23.0 Standards in training people. In addition, the cooperation and development are a foundation from the ideas and love of transcontinental science, between the gaps and the academic immensity. EAS Vietnam is proud to offer valuable and tested training principles from the harsh reality.

The introduction of English training process combined with Soft Skills, International TESOL G23.0. EAS Vietnam has trained  higher Leadership and Management Training Programs, Postgraduate Administration, Graduate Administration programs, CEO, IHRM, YLP or Global Specialist Administration Officer. In 2013, EAS Vietnam published the Global Economic theory and Global EAS - IHHRM G23.0 Standards in which the achievements will be background of higher EAS Vietnam’s development solutions in the future.

Experts at EAS Vietnam have studied many experiences in the advanced academic environment such as: Australia, France, Malaysia, Singapore, the exchange of the United States and European culture with a Vietnamese heart. With the companion of UNESCO and UIL, we believe that there will be a revolution for Vietnamese cities and education systems as well as Vietnamese human resources in the global market.