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EAS Vietnam, domestic and international universities together do the human research higher education since the 95s. EAS Vietnam studied the impact of language learning through culture. Since 98s, the society developed with challenges of socio-economic difficulties, which made people seem to be slow to develop.  EAS Vietnam is the first organization applied teaching English combine with soft skills, international leadership, administration and human resource training that contribute to the improvement of Vietnamese human resources. After many years of founded, EAS Vietnam has proved its position and class in researching and training of higher Leadership, Administration, IHRM, CEO.

Hundreds of global conferences with domestic and international scientists have connected. EAS Vietnam is the true bridge between east and west, between tradition and modernity, between general and specialized. EAS Vietnam contributes to develop higher level for Vietnamese human resources in Vietnam and the world. EAS Vietnam has published the Global Economic theory and global human resources IHHRM G23.0 standard. This is a particularly important mark not only for Vietnam but also for international sciences.

EAS Vietnam is committed to promoting research for the development of Vietnamese human resources and the development of the country. EAS Vietnam also initiated the labor market rescue program in 2013 in the context of global crisis. EAS Vietnam will continue to do the best to solve difficulties together with the country.

EAS Vietnam is honored to attend from World Skills to major festivals and events with more than 60 countries attending. In 2020, with UNESCO and UIL Academy in Hamburg, Germany will conduct research and develop of learning cities in Vietnam, policies and education development. It’s also conducted Principles of global leadership training for political organizations to trade economics or diplomacy.

If you are an EAS Vietnam officer or a student, you will be really proud that EAS Vietnam has a unique and world-class academic and training project and in Vietnam with professional experts.