Global EAS Vietnam Scholarships

We accompany you on the path of planning the future of your career.
We have designed courses to help you choose the right course.
To meet your need, your ability, your career and your dreams or financial.
The courses are suitable for all subjects and majors for the success purposes.

At EAS Vietnam, we know that education can transform lives, and scholarship can make that transformation possible. From individual changes, we help build organizations and governments that create development and civilization.



EAS Vietnam scholarships will open opportunities for global citizens studies in Vietnam with international IHRM G23.0 standards and Global IHHRM G23.0 standard. This is an opportunity for candidates to be trained and become a multitasking global citizen who will develop higher global leadership or become an value administrator.

EAS Vietnam offers global scholarships with thousands of scholarships for: Organizations; Leaders; Managers or individual with scholarships list:

  1. Global Leadership Scholarships (GLS)
  2. International Internship Scholarships (IIS)
  3. International Chancellor Scholarships (ICS)
  4. Young Leadership Program (YLP)
  5. Policy - International Administration Scholarships (IPS)
  6. Global Multitasking Citizen Scholarships (IMC)

EAS Vietnam global scholarship programs

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EAS VIETNAM で、皆様へ完璧的にプログラムを作るように能力している、サイトでプログラムに関する情報を公表する。それに加えて、グローバル人材EAS IHHRM G23.0基準によるより高いのキャリア条件と労働市場の需要を満たすために、育成方法と学術を更新して続き。また、特徴的なプログラムと最も競争的な学費を通じて、人づくりや組織づくりの需要を満たすために心構えする。つまり、学費、キャンパス、資格などプログラムの詳細は本ウェブサイトをご覧下さい、あるいは(+84)246 656 9157の電話番号でお問い合わせ下さい。