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Global Woman Chief Executive Officer (WCEO)
VBWS 86528

Global Woman Chief Executive Officer (WCEO)

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The Postgraduate Diploma Program in Woman Chief Executive Officer (WCEO) course is designed for woman who are seeking to be WCEO, W-President, W-Expert, High W-manager, Supply chain or even International Higher Human Resource Management in Global Leadership and Management.

The course is divided into 2 sections:

Section 1: International Management of Leadership Skills (MLS)

Section 2: International Leadership Skills (ILS) to complete.

Study a one - year specialized diploma with more focused on:

  • Strategies and innovation thinking competency with Global standard IHHRM G23.0
  • 13 Behavioral Competencies
  • 1 Technical Competency​


The course will develop a range of Economic & Leadership G23.0, organization running, knowledge and skills for professional career in:

  • WCEO
  • President
  • Expert
  • High Manager
  • High HR Manager
  • High Marketing Manager
  • High Head of Office
  • High Business Manager
  • High PR Manager
  • High Sale Manager
  • High Project Manager​


  • CEO Diploma – SCP IHHRM G23.0 (WCEO – Startup Certificated Professional G23.0)
  • CEO Diploma – ACP IHHRM G23.0 (WCEO – Higher Human Resources Management Advance Certificated Professional G23.0)


Study with EAS Vietnam IHHR Institute will help you step up as “West Point Vietnam” with 7 key benefits:

  • World class curriculum & teaching by father of General Economic Theory
  • Learning and working on real world projects
  • Get in the best, more effectives with a Global Business Education on your resume
  • Invitation to our EASers Alumni events globally including career panels, forums, and government interactions
  • Professional pathways through our enriched Leaderships and IHHRM G23.0 standard
  • Learn while you earn
  • Understand how to run your career & personal brand



  • Course name:

    Global Woman Chief Executive Officer (WCEO)

    Course code:

    VBWS 86528


    Every months


    40 - 150 credits


    Twice a week



    70% - 100%
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