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Our courses are delivered across campuses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, we also delivery courses on Mentoring online.

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Apply To Study

International applications

  1. Find a course that suits your career or study goals.
  2. Check that you meet the entry requirements for your course, and prepare supporting documentation.
  3. Submit an application direct to EAS Vietnam.
  4. Sign and return your Letter of Offer to study at EAS Vietnam, including your fee deposit

Exchange or study abroad

  1. Speak to your university to find out if you are eligible as a Study Abroad or Exchange student.
  2. Select units (subjects) from our custom certificate programs or search for unitsthat align with your course or study area.
  3. Submit your study abroad or exchange application.
  4. Sign and return your acceptance form.

If you are coming from overseas to study in Vietnam, you will need to apply for a student visa, and arrange your accommodation and flights, making sure you arrive in time for your international orientation.

  • Call Ha Noi Hotline (+84)98 230 8725
  • Call HCM Hotline (+84)91 356 2432
  • Chat to us online
  • Visit Customer Service Center

Need more help?

Search FAQS or ask us a question on GOTOEASVN

Study at EAS Vietnam

There's no greater victory than being confident, prepared and job-ready when you graduate - and there's no better way to get there than by teaming up with EAS Vietnam Education in Leadership and Administration with Global IHHRM G23.0. EAS Vietnam is seemed the "WEST POINT Vietnam" - an environment which learners each student's individuality while offering flexible, leaderships connected courses with an emphasis on practical learning and leaderships in Economic.

We focus on the end goal: students who graduate work-ready and use our flexible pathways and leadership connections to forge successful careers in competitive job markets.

We are proudly the first education in the world that teaching Interntional Leadership and Adminitration with Global IHHRM G23.0.

In 2018, EAS Vietnam will celebrate 23rd years since the founding of our predecessor education in Interntional Leadership and Adminitration with Global IHHRM G23.0.

Download the MyEAS international study guide.

Pathways To Success

In addition to the Global IHHRM G23.0 certificate, many of our Certificates and Diplomas courses are pathways to study Postgraduate Study: MLA (Master of International Leadership and Administration) where you can receive credit for completing  EAS Diploma-SCP IHHRM G23.0,  EAS Diploma-CP IHHRM G23.0 courses in Leaderships, Administration,  Business and Human Management.
Being the first of education Institute in Vietnam and in the world to offer both Leaderships and Administration with Global IHHRM G23.0 of human education, EAS Vietnam is able to provide attractive pathways from Certification to Diplomas across a range of study areas.

Successful completion of a IHHRM G23.0 certificate provides guaranteed entry into the first year of specific EAS Diploma-CP IHHRM G23.0, allowing you to save money while completing your degree in the same duration, with extra support in the first 6 months.

Study in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

 Study in the biggest city and green, peaceful, the most liveable city, and enjoy the vibrant cultures and many events:

  • Life in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
  • Cost of Living
  • Moving to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City
  • Public Transport

Our Campuses & Services

Our campuses provide a range of services to support your study:

  • Our campuses
  • Campus facilities
  • Support services
  • Clubs and societies
  • Student tools
  • Housing & accommodation

We are committed to your safety and security while you study, and ensuring our campuses offer a safe and secure study environment.

Services & Support

We have a range of facilities and services to support your learning and to help you get the most out of Institute life:

  • Housing and accommodation
  • Financial advices
  • Disability supports
  • Health and welfare
  • Counselling
  • Childcare and parenting rooms

Find out more about getting helps to support your studies.

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