Description of EAS Vietnam International Higher Human Resources Management G23.0 System.

The EAS Vietnam International Higher Human Resources Management G23.0 System (EAS IHHRM G23.0) consists of International Higher Human Resource Qualification Framework independence applied by Organizations, Universities and Educators all around the world. In which International Higher Human Resources G23.0 was training for very high qualification framework market requirements.

In EAS Vietnam Education, we are also applied and developed this (EAS IHHRM G23.0) qualification framework in our processes.

In EAS Vietnam, we always try to design and introduce the best modules and courses. We share all information on website. We change and innovate our methodology and academic system with up date methods. Our international courses meet all criteria of job needs. We have courses available for both personal and organization with competitive cost. Learn more about fee, place, courses, quality on website or contact direct to us by: (+84)24 6656 9157.

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