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Success & Stories

"You're from your family, the social makes you popular but EAS Vietnam brings you up to the next future level!"


Meet some of our staff who have inspired orther to do well and achieve excellence.

From student to staff

Practise & friendship:

Ngo Quan and Tran Yen developed their strong work ethic during and after EAS Vietnam course.



Education & Transition:

Pham The Hung, the Vietnam champion in literature contest 2014 and he started joining in Eas Vietnam as a student in MLS and practicing learning opportunities for taking him to his dream job. Now he is head of press department in PR of  EAS Vietnam.

Star teacher:

From English and soft skills student  Nguyen Vu Ha and her boy friend mr Cuong (her husband later) take a pathway to graduate Doctor degree and now is teaching at University of Economic and Business - NU . Kosei (Japanese student)

Top of the class in education:

Through EAS Vietnam support Ha Van Dat followed a flexible pathway to get the vice president of Vietnam government award and EAS Vietnam award in 2016. He also is in the top of class in UEB and find the career in EAS Vietnam as Business Manager.

A flexible education:

Vu Xuan Loc followed a flexible pathway from MLS course study to become a private director. 

After complete an UEB bachelor degree, Le Thom applied MLA and IPS courses and followed a flexible pathway from students to IHHR manager in EAS Vietnam

Marketing and communications:

Nguyen Phan Hung turned his workplace learning opportunity into a full time job as manager of public relation at EAS Vietnam

Dao Minh Hanh is from Hai Phong, after graduating bachelor and MLA in EAS Vietnam. She works as manager of marketing and gets full scholarships to study in Taiwan 2015

Law and legal services:

Nguyen Thi Sang did not let an acident childood stop her from realising her dream of becoming a lawyer. Now she is head of law department in Eas Vietnam after graduating MLA course in Eas Vietnam

Culture and arts:

Bui Thi Thanh Huyen  graduates from MLA and works as assistant for president of EAS Vietnam. She got a scholarship from Monash University



A practical engineering advantage: Pham Xuan Khang as a mature –age student to gradute with his class and find the caree of his dream.

Health sciences:

Pham Hoang Nam :Cover came personal difficulties through EAS Vietnam support graduate and work in the biggest hospital in Vietnam – Bach Mai Hospital.


Nguyen Phuc Hai, after graduating MU of Vietnam. She studied MLA in EAS Vietnam and she got MS degree and worked as Vice General Director of EAs Vietnam. she laso worked in Vietnam Space Technology Institute.


Tran Duy Hung, after graduating UEB in administration and business. He got MLA scholarship at EAS Vietnam. He followed a flexible pathway to MB degree and now he is teaching at Hanoi economic college

Bui Ngoc Diep, who studies acountant at Hanoi Financial and Administration University. After getting MLS scholarship at EAS Vietnam, she has a very good private business company.


Tại EAS Việt Nam, chúng tôi luôn cố gắng thiết kế các khóa học sao cho ưu việt nhất để giới thiệu tới các bạn và công khai các thông tin liên quan tới các khóa học trên website. Chúng tôi không ngừng đổi mới phương pháp giảng dạy và cập nhật học thuật để đáp ứng nhu cầu ngày càng cao của thị trường lao động và hoạt động nghề nghiệp theo chuẩn nhân lực cấp cao quốc tế EAS-IHHRM G23.0. Chúng tôi cũng sẵn sàng đáp ứng những yêu cầu về khóa học theo từng đơn vị, cá nhân với mức học phí cạnh tranh nhất.
Các thông tin về học phí, địa điểm, chất lượng và các thông tin có liên quan các bạn có thể xem trực tiếp trên website hoặc liên hệ với chúng tôi qua số máy: 0246 656 9157.

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