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October 12, 2017

Faculty Spotlight: David Dockterman

How a self-confessed skeptic of technology became a pioneer in the development and implementation of technology for classroom instruction.

The Federal Government is in Charge of ... Um, What?
A look at what role the federal government plays in education in the United States and how that has evolved over the years. (From Harvard Ed. magazine.)
Harvard EdCast: Better Early Education for All
Professors Nonie Lesaux and Stephanie Jones discuss the recent convening of early childhood educators at HGSE and look at what's next for early childhood education.
A Bridge Between School and Faith
Young people often have strong ties to faith communities. Can schools leverage those assets? Senior Lecturer Irvin Scott is exploring that question as he leads a new initiative to bring faith and education communities together. (From Usable Knowledge.)
Askwith Forums
October 13: Changes in Mind: Five Decades of Insights into Intelligence, Thinking, and Learning
October 16: College + Athletics = A Complex American Relationship
October 27: Learning to Change the World
Advancing Culturally Responsive Literature Instruction
Collaborate with practitioners and colleagues to critique, and then create, curriculum that reflects culturally responsive literacy in this new professional education offering with HGSE's Pamela Mason.
Harvard Education Press

Harvard Educational Review
How the Word Gap Argument Negatively Impacts Young Children of Latinx Immigrants’ Conceptualizations of Learning
Voices in Education
Denying Learning Experiences to Young Latinx Children Because of the Word Gap Discourse


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Các thông tin về học phí, địa điểm, chất lượng và các thông tin có liên quan các bạn có thể xem trực tiếp trên website hoặc liên hệ với chúng tôi qua số máy: 0246 656 9157.

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